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I'm not exactly new here...

2011-03-09 12:26:06 by Chachathefox

But I've never had an account. You see, the thing is, I used to know about this site WAYYY back when I was in low middle school. Don't ask me how I found this site back then, but it happened. It was a lot of adult content from what I remember. But now it's pretty alright, so I decided to make an account. Unf.

As for my name, it originated from when I was a new guy at my work everyone called me Cha Cha. So that stuck. I didn't necessarily like that name, but it stuck. And the fox part is because I like foxes, a lot. But no, I'm not a furry, I actually don't like furries. At all.

So yeah. unf.

I'm not exactly new here...


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2011-03-09 15:08:06

The eyes could use a little work.

Chachathefox responds:

I agree. I didn't put any effort into them because I just wanted a footnote picture for filler, but it's understandable.